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Welcome tot the website of our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever:

Sture van het Bovenwater


Height: 51 cm     Weight: 21 kg







At the end of january 2012, Tomo came into our family and into our hearts.

We live in Geleen, in the south of Holland, where we enjoy long walks in the beautiful surrounding hills.

Tomo is born in Lelystad with the van Vulpen family, "kennel van het Bovenwater"


Tomo has a nice character and loves to work.

Together we joined many workshops and trainingen.

In 2014 we've started with gundogtraining, what we both realy enjoy!

As soon as he sees dummies he reacts enthousiastic and wants to start working as soon as possible.

Other people are approached in an open and friendly way by Tomo. He always tries to lure others in playing with him.

The name Tomo derives from the Japanese "Tomodachi", which means friend.  We can say that Tomo lives up to his name: he is a real friend of us!

At home we also have a cat, they get along well with each other.


At several shows Tomo got many Excellent classifications. He is now Dutch Champion.


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